The Access Management System 3.0 is a flexible access management system for medium- to large-sized organizations. It is easy to set up, operate and expand. It offers very high reliability and several features found only in high-end security solutions. The Access Management System 3.0 can grow with the needs of the customer.The software is offered in three pre-configured software bundles for different sized organizations: Lite, Plus and Professional. All three versions are fully functional and can be used directly “out-of-the-box”. They can also be enhanced with further expansion licenses when needed. In total, up to 200,000 cardholders and up to 10,000 doors can be administered. Since no hardware needs replacing, increasing the system size is very cost-efficient. 

The Access Management System 3.0 can also be integrated with video management systems, and B Series and G Series panels, and it will soon be able to integrate with further Bosch and third party systems. With this integration capability, the Access Management System will serve as the solid platform to mix and match various security systems, depending on the customer’s individual needs. And since it is regularly updated with the latest data security enhancements and because it can easily grow, it is a future-proof investment, ideal for office and governmental buildings, retail environments, educational institutions and hospitals.

At all times, the operator has full situational awareness thanks to the instant updates of events at the doors via the Swipe Ticker and the comprehensive overview on the on-screen map. The Swipe Ticker provides the operator with a constantly updated list of last cardholders who attempted to gain access to selected doors, it shows who was granted access and who was not. In addition, the map view indicates the respective door on the map to allow the operator to quickly see where exactly the event is happening.

The entire customer journey is designed to be as effortless and as simple as possible. The configuration is easy: existing floor maps are imported into the system and icons are dragged and dropped to represent controllers, doors and building objects on the map view. Onboarding is straightforward: enrolment and assignment of access rights is all implemented in one dialog manager, even the registration of biometric data. The data on several thousand cardholders held in legacy or HR systems can also be quickly imported with just a few clicks, thanks to the importer / exporter tool. The possibility to create access profiles with a certain scope of authorizations makes the assignment of authorizations simple as it is not necessary to assign every single authorization to the cardholder but just one pre-defined role profile. And once set up, using the system is also easy, with an intuitive icon alarm list and color scheme to ensure fast and efficient operator reactions.

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